Cleaning Standards

taking green and clean to a new level

At Club Noire Nail Bar, we aren’t just clean. We’re ridiculously clean. We’re serious about the cleanliness and sterilization of our studio and tools because we truly care about your health, well-being, and safety. We also love our planet. That’s why we go beyond industry standards and exceed state regulations—to guarantee a fresh, clean, and comfortable salon experience that’s kind to our environment.

What really makes our studio extra clean and environmentally friendly?

3-Step Cleaning

We have a 3-step cleaning process for all stainless-steel tools. We scrub them with soap and hot water, soak them in medical-grade disinfectant per state regulations and just to be completely positive, we use a medical-grade autoclave for chemical-free sterilization.

Natural Nail Care

We promote natural nail care by carefully selecting products that are free of the worst kinds of toxic chemicals and that still give you the beautiful nails you love.

No Reuse

We only use files, buffers and orangewood sticks once. They’re yours to keep, or we toss ’em. And when available, we recycle them. But we NEVER reuse them. Your nail beds will thank us in the long run.

Improved Experience

We are always looking for ways to reduce or recycle the waste generated in our studios. (We avoid most reuse for all the right reasons!) And we do the small things that add up to big things over time, like emailing receipts, using LED light bulbs, using washable towels—plus more. All so that you can enjoy the salon experience knowing mother earth is also being looked after.


We thoroughly sanitize all pedicure basins with a medical-grade disinfectant per each state’s regulations between guests. We also use cleaners that exceed industry disinfectant standards yet eliminate harsh chemicals that aren’t good for you or our water supply. And because we don’t need plastic liners to provide sanitary foot care, we’re not sending those to landfills.

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